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© Orange Popcorn Media. Poppin' ideas since 2015
Brendan Baker & Alex Spentzos

Orange Popcorn Media was founded by Dutchman Hidde de Vries and creates content with that little bit of extra flavor! We come up with customized content forevery single client.

Original content is the key to success! There are many companies who help with advertising strategies, budgets, and analytics. What about a box full of goodold fashioned ideas? You can't have a strategy without content and with fans wanting updates every day, that's were we pop-up! We come up with ideas for the long run, but also with fun daily updates. We make films, short little videos, websites, cinemagraphs, games, snapchat-filters, and anything else that would fit your brand's needs. 

Want to serve your fans some cool stuff? Contact us right away!